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Saturday, 9 October 2021

Electric Looking Glass - Somewhere Flowers Grow


Following on from the Muun Bato review, a band that are at the Psych end of Psych Pop, we have Los Angeles's Electric Looking Glass who are very much at the Pop end of the genre. In fact, they are probably nearer Baroque Pop.

Somewhere Flowers Grow is wonderfully 60's, at times a little reminiscent of The Move's early days, although there's much more here than just that. This is an album that mines the best of the the 60s Pop, you can spot the influences, yet it stands so well in its own right.

The charm and melody ooze quality. Whether it is the magnificent Dream A Dream and Daffodil Tea Shoppe which are wonderful Toytown or Holiday which heads into Lovin' Spoonful territory. Motor Car is great Piano Pop.

If I Cross Your Mind even heads into 70s Pop Rock with a great little guitar solo complementing the piano. Death Of A Season is another slowed down example of how Somewhere Flowers Grow isn't all catchy choruses. It is slightly melancholic and reveals the band to be no one trick pony.

It is the catchiness that will hit you first though. Toes will tap on Dream A Dream and Rosie In The Rain. These are songs that hook you but further examination reveals there is far more depth to the songs than at first appears.

Special mention has to be given to the Piano and Organ. Both add far more to the album than is typical in Psych Pop albums. The keyboards in particular add unexpected twists and turns to what are already a fine collection. A Superb offering. Highly Recommended!

You can listen to and buy the album here. Another addition to the splendid Canadian label, We Are Busy Bodies.


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