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Friday, 22 October 2021

Bryan's Magic Tears - Vacuum Sealed


Bryan's Magic Tears are from Paris, but they specialise in an Indie Rock that is very UK and suitably hypnotic. I've seen all sort of labels from Shoegaze to My Bloody Valentine, so remember the maxim here that labels are in the eye of the beholder and are usually wrong.

Isolation borders on a Screamadelica dancing type of Space Rock. Greetings From Space Boys has repetitive riffs that would be at home on Rush's Permanent Waves or Moving Pictures without ever losing the thought of them being a Poppier Hawkwind. Excuses is great sounding Pop Rock.

Always could even be Modern Prog and Tuesdays (Bye Molly) is pure Madchester Baggy. You catch the drift here? Vacuum Sealed is not quite sure what it wants to be, but it takes you on a fascinating ride. You suspect that it wants to be from 1991.

However, the influences of the band stop that, maybe thankfully so, because this variation is what keeps the album fresh and so interesting. There's a Cinematic feel to some of the material and although that confuse some people, the soundscapes remain attention grabbing. 

Pictures Of You is simply gripping and Sad Toys is incredibly Psych sounding. Superlava is trippy almost Numan-esque across it's 9 minutes of mind bending Psych. There's so much here to get your ears into, but it will definitely need more than one listen.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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