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Monday, 25 October 2021

Court Street Company - Crooked Dreams


Court Street Company are a five piece from Portsmouth, Virginia and Crooked Dreams is a fine Pop Rock Record. The cover of Big Star's Thirteen probably tells you the area they aim for, but there is a far bigger sound here, more commercial even.

Thirteen contains a lovely keyboard run from Carlin Field, but the album is more about the Vocal interplay between Guitarists' Allen Hudson and Jonah Grinkewitz. The sound reminds me of Everybody Else at times, a band that I loved, perhaps explaining the reason I'm so drawn to the album

There are more keyboards to Court Street Company though and perhaps a good deal more versatility. Science, for instance, edges towards Pop Punk ballad and contains a great melodic Guitar solo. Huck Finn starts with a Funky Riff and then becomes West Coast Pop. 

Facebook Queen even goes into late fifties / early sixties Diner Pop. Radio Relay is more street sounding in a let's do the show right here sort of way. Nothing To Lose is a gem of a song, piano led and a singalong gem. 

The band are at their best when the Pop Rock is more straight ahead. In Dreams is a wonderful closer. It's melodic, hook driven, vocally excellent with a great acoustic duet towards the end. Battle Lines is more in Modern Pop territory, but has another big chorus.

The stand out song is the opener, Modern Age which is everything that is required in a Guitar Pop and that chorus. Wow! There's so much to like here and so much promise. Crooked Dreams is a corking listen and well worth your time. 

You can listen to and buy the album at one of the links here. You can listen to all 9 songs on You Tube here. You can find out more about Court Street Company here.


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