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Tuesday, 12 October 2021

The Kindest People - The Kindest People


The Kindest People are a quartet from Johnson City in Tennessee and their latest, self titled, album is an absolute corker. Indie Rock at its finest, Noisy, yet melodic, riffs abound in a wonderful feel good fayre. Unexpectedly singalong! 

The album has so many hooks that it borders on Pop Rock, but this is definitely the Rock end of the genre. The twin guitar attack just grabs you, shakes you and leaves you to bounce off in a feel good, get on with things sort of way.

The album is no one trick pony. No Parking Lot is a superb Pop Rock affair and Big Brain is wonderful Glam Rock. Even at a rare quieter moment on Consolation Prize. which starts with an early Fleetwood Mac intro, the band are so damn catchy.

The Kindest People are at their best when they let loose and thankfully, this is more than often. Seat At My Table sets the mood with its killer riff, Dark Days On The Homestead almost batters you into submission in a pleasing way.

Don't Wait For Me is a perfect example of what this lot does. It starts all calm and then just rips into an almost shredding riff. This is the beauty of The Kindest People. The songs build perfectly without every losing their effect.

If there is a problem with Indie Rock, it is that the songs rarely match the playing. Albums run out of steam with all the front loading, the rest all sounding the same. There's not a bit of that here. The last song is as good as the first. Certainly one of the best albums that I've heard all year and definitely the loudest.

You can listen to and buy the album here. You really should!


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