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Saturday, 30 October 2021

The Summer Holiday - B-Sides Volume 1


A strange review this for a wonderful Pop album. I have little information on it, other than it is a follow up to last year's Come Out, Come Out. Apparently Michael Collins is behind it, but it isn't the Michael Collins that I know of.

I reached out on Social Media without success and friend requested a likely candidate without reply. So all I can do until I can find out more, I can only tell you how Poptastic it is. Power Poppers will love it, particularly What Happens When You Lose which is so damn catchy.

Your Secret Is Safe is a much more straight ahead ballad, almost Top 40, Fake Mozart is pure Bubblegum and The Day The Sun Shines On Me is very much in Nick Frater territory. Circles could even be a prime time Guy Chambers song. 

Annie In The Shadows is from the same template that Power Pop forums have been raving about for years. Indeed all 9 songs are tip top. A real melodic chorus joy of an album and if these songs are actually B Sides, imagine how good the A Sides are. It is certainly in my "More Info Needed" file.

You can listen to the album on You Tube here. It is all available to listen to on Streaming Sites here. Also available to buy on the odd one of those.



  1. maybe he's the Michael Collins who released the excellent "last laugh" in 2016

    no info available for the 2016 album as with The Summer Holiday release
    also from NYC