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Sunday, 10 October 2021

Ghosts Of Jupiter - Keepers Of The Newborn Green


Being labelled Neo-Psychedelic can be a curse. In a similar way that Punk Pop us not Punk, Neo-Psych is not really psychedelic. Yes there are hints of it, but the genre is so diverse that it takes everything else and Keepers Of The Newborn Green is a perfect example of that.

Yes, there's flute and instrumental passages that could be termed Prog, yet there's also a heavier rock bent that isn't Metal and there's a Folk, even Americana, bent at times but this isn't "Hey Nonny No" Confusing? Maybe, but this just underlines how pointless labels are. They are supposed to be a guide for the uninitiated, but end up being a badge that bands are stuck with. How many people tell you Rush are Prog, when they were once, but that ended well before the bulk of their album releases. 

Listen to the first four tracks here and you essentially have the Country Psych of The Undertaking, the Acoustic Folk of Villains, the Rock of On Bending Tide and the instrumental Prog of The Wandarian. So just why try to denote what Boston's Ghosts Of Jupiter are. Just enjoy the music.

I say enjoy, because this is a wonderfully constructed album. Laidback at times, very English, but Nate Wilson's vocals offer a gentle, almost pastoral clarity that have far more in common with everyday Pop Rock than some mind bending hard to listen to Psych Prog.

Elsewhere, Northern Road has a real lounge Jazz feel whilst Gustav is a real wig out instrumental, Soft Machine-ish if you like. Imperium Waves rocks more in a Deep Purple Vein and No Direction veers towards West Coast easy listening. 

Despite all the comparisons, Keepers Of The Newborn Green is a really coherent listen. There can be a tendency to make songs three minutes longer than they should be with this sort of material. There's none of that here. 10 songs and 43 minutes for your ears a surprise to. You should throw away your misconceptions and surprise yourself. This is a top notch album.

You can listen to and buy the album here.  You can find out more about Ghosts Of Jupiter here


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  1. I live in the Boston area and pay attention to new music, bands and shows but you keep introducing me to local bands I don't know about - how does that keep happening??? Cheers!