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Sunday, 31 October 2021

31 In 31


So Reigning Sound bring the 31 Reviews In 31 Days to a close. I have held back quite a few new and recent releases for November, so IDHAS will be busy next month. There just won't be the commitment for me to post something every day.

I've changed how I promote reviews on Social Media over the past couple of months. 31 Reviews in a month can just become Facebook noise and piss people off, so I've tagged artists weekly. With using Google Tools, I Don't Hear A Single has grown rapidly with far less reliance on Social Media. It also gets confusing to people on Facebook with having my own account, the IDHAS group account and the stand alone IDHAS page. 

But I may miss potential listeners and / or buyers with not doing as much posting. So if you like an album or review, please post it on your own account. The more people that discover new music, the better. I will be tagging all 31 reviewed artists on Instagram later. I have no idea how Insta works, it just appears like a load of photos to me, but that month end post is always really popular.


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