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Sunday 12 November 2023

Demob Happy - Divine Machines

Another Newcastle Trio, but now based in Brighton, Demob Happy's third album is built around an extraordinary soundscape. As a threesome that can mix Prog and Psych, there will be obviously be comparisons with Muse, but these comparisons would be more than a little unfair.

Demob Happy are far more melodic and accessible and veer into both Pop Rock and Classic Rock. There are even hints of latter day Led Zeppelin on the likes of Tear It Down and at times, there is some great melodic Space Rock in their material. 

Token Appreciation Society is a great opener and even sounds as though Russell Mall is on joint vocals. Super-Fluid is delivered with a sort of UK Glam Rock 1974 riff and then changes tack around a paint stripping solo until getting back to the groove.

You sense that the album is itching to jump into a harder melodic rock and Run Baby Run comes close, but the complex arrangements just won't allow this, particularly the choruses.  She's As Happy As A Man Can Be allows aware slowdown and isn't a million miles away from The Killers.

If I Have A Problem (I Ignore) is a cross between Psych Rock and Noise Rock and everything comes to a close with the Classic Rock of Hades, Baby which is a sort of culmination of all that's gone before with a wonderful almost heavy Brit Pop arrangement.

The real take from Divine Machines is the exceptional arrangements. These are massive, but never overblown. It is an album that actually grips you because of this. The lyrical sentiments and vocals are both top notch, but it is the sound of the thing that absolutely grabs you. Complex yet incredibly melodic, what a cracking album this is!

You can buy the album everywhere and listen to it via any of these links. You can find out more about the band here.


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