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Friday 17 November 2023

The Blood Rush Hour - Sanity Fare


Again we return to the early days of IDHAS to revisit The Blood Rush Hour. Who Folds First was a delightful surprise. A real flavour of 70s classic Pop Rock provided melodic joy. You can read that review here at your leisure.

Sanity Fare still has those Pop Rock delights, particularly on No One's There (At All), but there are plenty of steps in other directions. Robert DiStefano felt spent musically after the efforts of the previous albums that it has took six years for the follow up.

Teaming up with Willie Dowling of our beloved The Dowling Poole, there is at times a move into wonderful Prog Pop on the likes of Within This Tragedy and Here We Go Again, reminiscent say of Yes's Drama period.

There is also more than a hint at times of The Alan Parsons Project. Dowling's unfluence can be heard clearly, especially on Watching You Make Love which is a popped up shuffle, a little salsa in vibe with its lounge piano and some great Brass.

See You Again picks up the pace and (No More) Happy Ending is incredibly jaunty alternating vocals between 60s West Coast Pop and 80s urgency. There is a hell of a lot packed into its three minutes and reminds me a lot of Andrew Gold.

The closing Waves Set In Motion is probably the best song The Dowling Poole didn't write. Instrumentally, it has a slight Christmas feel, but why would you turn a joyous song into forced jollity when you can provide the real thing. The arrangements and performance reveal the work that has gone into Sanity Fare and it has really paid off.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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