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Sunday 26 November 2023

The World Famous - Totally Famous


Imagine that Not Lame still produced a newsletter and list of new releases. If so then this debut album would certainly feature heavily. The Los Angeles five piece nail the 90s Pop Rock that we know and love. If I tell you that three of the five are guitarists, you will know that you are in for a treat.

There used to be a cascade of this type of sound, but year by year, that market seems to have dried up into a trickle. Think prime time Fountains Of Wayne, mid period Teenage Fanclub and many that drifted at the edges of the 90s Power Pop Revival.

There is also a West Coast mellow rock vibe on more than one occasion and nods towards the great UK 70s Pop Rock albums. There is also a tendency to change genres part way through a song which is fascinating and splendid.

For instance, Delinquents starts all Weezer and then unexpectedly turns into something more 70s Country Rock. This sort of thing just adds to the enjoyment and variety and there is plenty of variety. Hollywood Pawn has massive hints of prime time UK Glam Rock. 

Lipstick Trick is 70s Melodic Pop to a tee, Heartburst is even a little Lemonheads with dashes of modern day TFC and Love Song For A Lost Friend mixes 90s Slacker Rock with big heaps of Classic Rock and reminds me a lot of a rocked up Dropkick.

There's also a real wit in many of the lyrics when they could easily use the throwaway I Love You type in other hands. There's also a real Jangle Pop joy about Danvers Opening. In future years, this will be looked upon as one of the great debut Pop Rock albums. I'm a bit confused about the album cover though, seems more Metal than Guitar Pop. 

You can listen to and buy the album here. It is also available on Cassette which is a format that I don't intend to return to as I haven't got enough pencils at IDHAS House.


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