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Thursday 2 November 2023

The From - Tomorrow Was Better


The From is San Francisco's Dave Silva and Tomorrow Was Better is a great Pop Rock album. Its foundations are built around great 70s New Wave, predominantly UK, but there are diversions into other great Pop Rock.

For instance, Friend Collector is a dead ringer for and Birds is a mix of West Coast and Country Rock, but the vocal is prime time Graham Parker. Wasted On You edges towards Classic Rock, but also has more than a hint of Van Morrison.

The Sweetheart of L.A. is more American a cross like a twanged up countrified version of Any Trouble and has two endearing Guitar breaks. That is the beauty of the album, the mixture of styles is incredibly endearing  and effective.

It is however at its best when it is straight ahead New Wave, By Your Side and Carry On being the examples. The former is very Plimsouls, even The Romantics. The latter is splendid UK 1978 UK New Wave, think Stiff Records, although Guitar Wise it is more than a little Cheap Trick.

The album really sounds like a reissue of a 1978 album and that is the greatest compliment that you can pay it. The period seems intentionally nailed, both production and material wise. Wonderfully so. This is a cracking little offering.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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