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Tuesday 28 November 2023

No Tears - Heart Shaped Eyes


Power Pop has suffered in the past from fans who wanted it to be particularly one thing and artists and reviewers who didn't want to be associated with it because of this. I've been vociferous about this as I believe the genre is a broad church and there is no doubt that the excellence of the music was lost in a wave of pointless fall outs.

Its revival of late has been on the backs of the new younger breed of artists, most who don't really care about what's gone before, most have probably never heard of Power Pop until their music was deemed so. This revival is just as melodic and riff driven but there is a slightly harder rockier edge.

So it is refreshing to listen to an album that is unashamedly Power Pop. Retro vibe wise, indeed reminiscent of the great 80s Power Pop when keyboards became a part of the mix and No tears have such a lot in common with say Donnie Iris. 

No Tears is Kristianstad's Christoffer Karlsson and Heart Shaped Eyes is a wonderful joyous listen. If you like Power Pop, you will love this. There is also a side issue to be discussed about how a country like Sweden continues to produce so much great Guitar Pop.

Just listen to Electric Eyes and you will be hooked. The song has everything from the opening riff through the chorus and hooks that you can ever need. Even when Karlsson deviates from the template, it is to some other period of the genre.

Echo In My Head is pure UK New Wave with a big hint of Glam Rock. Get Away even gets close to The Glitter Band. Broken Mirror adds some great Sax to its 60s feel and the background could be Wizzard. It is left the two closing songs to really divert your attention.

The Silence Is Speaking is largely instrumental, 80s style and a little melancholic. Without Your Love is Grand Ole Opry fairy and a fine duet with Beatrice Rosdahl. But is the Power Pop that will grab listeners most, particularly as there has been so little like this lately.

It is also interesting that I discovered the album via a single submission for Listening To This Week with little known about IDHAS. I think some think that LTTW is a separate part of what we do here, but the two are interlinked and it has really opened up our audience.

You can listen to and buy the album here


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