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Saturday 11 November 2023

The Pale White - A New Breed


We could get back into the debate of whether 6 songs is an EP or a mini album and mention that many Power Pop albums are not much longer than the 22 minutes revealed here. But let's not and instead celebrate the excellence of The Pale White.

The Newcastle Trio have been getting more and more attention and deservedly so. They have the happy knack of being in touch with the new breed of Guitar bands that have emerged over the past couple of years, but having far more substance.

The I Love You, Yes I Do, You Know its True is not for them. Instead you have great riff driven albums that are excellently arranged and produced. This allows them to appeal much wider audiences than their peers. They can do everything from 60s Beat to Indie Rock, Pop Rock to Big Rock, Brit Pop to something approaching Psych. They have it all.

These six tracks show plenty of their range. Dogs reminds me of the better fringe of Brit Pop, similar to the likes of Octopus and Straw who demonstrated great melodic arrangements that fitted the current trends, but also gave great nods to what has gone before. It is a cracking song, but all six here are.

How Far Can You Push A Man flirts with Prog and 70s Pop Rock, whilst List Of Enemies is great 90s College Noise Rock delivered with plenty of Fuzz at an urgent pace with just a hint of Muse. Time Bomb has more of an 80s vibe at times mixing say INXS with a great anthem chorus.

There has been a lot of attention given to the opener, Validate Me, fairly it has to be said. It has everything you need in an Indie Pop Rock song. A killer chorus just takes it up another level and a killer riff, but the real joy is the closer, Taste The Sun.

The song reveals everything that was great about Brit Pop with big 60s hints in the arrangement. That period was never really about Oasis, it was songs like the quality of this. It is an epic affair that rounds off a belter of an album. The Pale White leave you wanting more as all great bands do and I suspect that the future is large for these three.

You can buy the album everywhere and it is available to listen to on all the streaming sites including YouTube Music here. You can find out more about the band here.   


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