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Sunday 5 November 2023

Redprint - The Plan

Many people get sniffy about Cover Bands and I understand that when wigs are adorned for T Rox or Pink Flood. but most bands to some extent begin with covers and debut album tour setlist are awash with such. We also forget how learning these songs adds to musicianship and direction.

Dutch quartet, Reprint, began as a cover band over a decade ago and this has resulted in one hell of a debut EP. I've found myself listening to more rockier stuff lately, more of a diversion as you can get blocked up with all the crashing chords and big choruses. 

I've not grown my hair (well I have a bit, but that's because I'm too lazy to go to the Barbers and currently exhibit a sort of Robyn Hitchcock look) and I have not gone all banging. These diversions have to be melodic, well performed and vary across Classic Rock, Psych and Prog and riff driven.

Thankfully, Reprint cover all those bases. In many ways they remind me of Rush in their early days without the concepts and the lyrical depth, but instrumentally. They also exhibit a massive amount of power. A groove and boy do they hit it.

You find yourself engrossed in the hypnotic riffs, wonderfully so, yes this is Rock, but it has such a melodic bent that you become completely hooked. Immersion's eight minutes combine Classic Rock, Prog, 90s College Rock and Harder Rock and do it so well. It is a monster of a song with a monster extended solo.

Stop Running is built on a belting riff whilst Telephone is much more in Classic Rock. Herd fairly races along and Colour Me Insane mixes slight Desert Rock with big hints of Prog and is very Rush. The biggest take of the EP is how well these four can play.

The biggest plus I got was the reaction to Immersion on this week's Listening To This Week. It was so favourable from listeners and showed how many followers have open ears. It is not often that a 7 minute 55 seconds track creates such as a buzz, particularly when it is surrounded by Guitar Pop.

You can listen to the EP here and on the streaming sites. I just wish it was available to buy as the band deserve recompense for a recording as great as this.


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