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Friday 10 November 2023

IDHAS Ten Songs Mix 60

After an absence akin to nipping for a paper and never returning, Lord Lucan-esque, The IDHAS 10 Song Mix returns. It is ready to liven a quiet week on here. due to the Internet going on strike. The ISP had to bring a cherry picker and everything to get us up again. The Mix will now be fortnightly and from Volume 61 will include a write up on each of the 10 songs chosen on I Don't Hear A Single.

10 Songs in 34 minutes and with its unreasonably long absence, it had to return with a cracker and this is exactly that. As well as revealing that new music continues to thrive, it demonstrates how buoyant the Indie scene is. The songs are not placed in the order of preference, just in a way that makes the mix flow. There are many album reviews to get through from tomorrow.

 Here is the playlist of the ten songs this week :

01 The Jellybricks - Monday's Never

02 The Len Price Three - Man Out Of Time

03 The Journals Kept - Heartache

04 The Veras - Something To Say

05 Jonny Swift - She Said

06 Spearside - Trendsetters

07 Silent Forum - Cat Pose

08 Shangri-Lass - Father's Daughter

09 Diners - The Power

10 The Mommyheads - Such Beautiful Things

IDHAS Ten Songs Mix 60


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  1. Cool playlist thanks for the inclusion & support. Jonny x