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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Wellgreen - Summer Rain

Sugarbush have done it again with the release on splendid Green Vinyl. Summer Rain resides in classic 70's Pop Rock territory. Think of the likes of Blue, Jigsaw and Pilot but with added lyrical excellence and more melody.

The Glasgow band have completely hit the sweet spot with this sugar coated melodic pop. Pre Punk gets a lot of stick, but you are reminded how great the Pop that came out of the ashes of Glam Rock was. It was all about songs and being able to play your instruments. 1975 was not just about Prog.

Grin and Bear It sounds so Stealers Wheel, Secret Footprints is McCartneyesque, almost 10CC. She's The Greatest is pure Blue. It's not all 70's related though, Remember has Beach Boys like harmonies, The Circle is a heady mix of Psych and Jazz.

Dreams Are Made For Dreamers could be The Monkees and all through the album you are reminded of Gallagher And Lyle or even some of the more pop related Brit Poppers such as Straw and Octopus.

Enough of the comparisons though. What you have is a beautifully constructed album. 12 songs wonderfully constructed in a way that saddens you when the needle reaches the end of Side 2. It is particularly suited to vinyl.

Sugarbush goes from strength to strength, this could very well be their best release. The Wellgreen have impressed me enormously, I can't wait to hear more and hope to do so soon. Summer Rain is an absolute crackerjack of an album. Pop at it's poppermost best.

You can listen to the album here and buy the Vinyl Release here.

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