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Monday 13 March 2017

Mothboxer - The Secret Art Of Saying Nothing

We all have bands that we are fans of and have trouble understanding why they are not multi million sellers. We agree on a lot of them and yet the ignorance goes on. One of the most inventive bands of recent times are Mothboxer and with this. the fifth album. I'm still scratching my head to understand why they aren't bigger.

Dave Ady's band are now a decade in and the quality just goes up and up, come on music buying public, get your act together. Mothboxer are compared a lot to XTC and The Beatles and given the Power Pop mantle. I can see that, but there is far more to them than that. To me, they are the bastard sons of The Move, particularly Shazam era.

You can lump them in with newer bands such as The Dowling Poole or older bands such as my beloved Orgone Box, but largely Mothboxer are Mothboxer. Any of the albums are a delight, the main point is that each gets better and The Secret Art Of Saying Nothing is the best yet.

So here we have 12 songs over 48 minutes. From The Beach Boys harmonic pop of I Don't Mind to 70's Pop Rock on It's Alright akin to Jigsaw. The crashing 60's Brit Psych Pop on Everyone Knows to the Lennon Pop of Right Time To Say Goodnight.There really is something for everyone.

Way We're Gonna Live Tonight is pure 10CC, Rest My Mind is in the Andy Partridge mould, whilst Look At The Sun is a piano led anthem. If there were any justice in the world, this album would be playing on everyone's Bose system or whatever it is that is hip these days.

You won't hear many better albums this or any year.

You can listen to and buy the album here. It's an absolute bargain for 5 English Pounds and you can buy all 10 releases as a really cheap package. This is your chance to make Mothboxer as big as they deserve to be.

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