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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Your Gracious Host - Boomerang

Michigan appears to be the centre of the Power Pop Universe world at the moment and Your Gracious Host maintain that reputation. Tom Curless has all the hooks, but this isn't straight ahead verse verse chorus verse chorus.

Boomerang is more reminiscent of those halcyon Not Lame Days and the likes of The Shazam et al. There's certainly a more concerted guitar crunch than on the previously excellent band releases and ventures into Psych Pop.

It's the variation that impresses me most. The Psych of  Some Expectations is in complete contrast to the Country Pop of Spritely. Just Like A Train jingles and jangles whilst Sun Machine could be early Dodgy.

Wake Sleep Travel could be Madchester, yet You See Right Through Me is in Squeeze Territory. Boomerang is particularly good when it lets rip on the likes of Sweetness and Never Been So Blind, both Pop Rock at it's best.

If you like your melodic rock, this is the album for you. I love it. It does take me back to those 90's days when Power Pop was gonna change the world and reminds me of America's answer to Brit Pop. There are very Brit influences, but the thing that shines through are the well written songs and the hooks.

Boomerang is a beautifully produced album and a joy to listen to.

You can listen to and buy the album here.

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