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Monday 13 March 2017

The John Sally Ride - A New Set Of Downs

I posted about The John Sally Ride just before Christmas here and now I'm delighted to tell you that the full album has been released. The great news is that the quality shown by the Double A Side release has extended across the album.

Not Taking Credit from that single showed how Power Pop the trio could be and John Dunbar's vocals lend well to that genre, but the news from the resulting album is that A New Set Of Downs is far more Harmonic Pop than Power. Imagine a cross between The Monkees and Squeeze.

The singalong shuffle of the opener, One Of These Days You'll Have One Of Those Days emphasises that Monkees comparison. She Walks Her Dog In Pyjamas with its Psych Guitar is in Small Faces Territory.

From Expectation To Surrender comes across as a sweet sounding chirpier version of The Proclaimers and it's great to hear Sal Maida's bass lines again on I Love The Girl (You Won't Leave Your Wife For). I Love The Girl is almost Lindisfarne with it's almost folk backdrop.

The trio have fashioned up a real feel good album to accompany the nights getting lighter. Sal Nunziato's drumming seems to hold the whole thing together. This is great Summer Pop. lyrically adept and a pleasant change from all the I Love You Yes I Do stuff that I have been listening to lately.

It's hard to name a favourite track, I loved Not Taking Credit from first listen and still do, but I'll go for Your Closest Friends, a real chipper song that sums up what the band are about. This album is a great listen and now you have your chance to confirm that.

You can listen to and buy the album here.

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