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Saturday, 13 July 2019

In Praise Of......................................Terrorvision

IDHAS normally covers the new and underappreciated, so Terrorvision easily fall into the latter category. They have a fan base every bit as loyal, if in much less quantity, as Rush. Where many from the same era have fallen, they remain a fine live draw.

My thoughts on Brit Pop are pretty well known. It's known now, essentially, for The Gallagher Brothers who made one and a half great albums, whilst being possibly the most boring plodding live band of the times. Too many people think Rock Music begins and ends with Oasis.

By far the most interesting part of Brit Pop was the Pop around the edges. I could name these bands, but the tasteful amongst you already know them and we've recently covered The Supernaturals, so you know the direction that you should be heading.

However, the band that have stayed with me longest have plenty of pop sensibilities, but can be and usually are, a much heavier affair. They have the great front man in Tony Wright and Guitar hero in Mark Yates and Live can wipe the floor with most.

But it's the songs that stand up the most. I'm a massive fan, a completist in a way that I am with very few Brit Pop bands. Wit drips from those songs and although there is a centre of hard rock, these songs are coated in big choruses. Even Rap Rock verses have to lead into a big chorus. Formaldehyde was a great debut album, but it's the two that followed that hit pay dirt.

How To Make Friends And Influence People hit the Teen market. they even appeared on the likes of the Smash Hits Annual Awards. The Rap verses of Pretend Best Friend contrasted with the pure Pop of Middleman, These were two of five (count em') singles from the album, another of which was the mighty, Oblivion.

1996 saw the third album enhance the band's reputation. Four more great singles were released, again providing great variety. The sing along blasts of Celebrity Hit List and Perseverance contrasting with the String Laden, Bad Actress and Terrorvision have never been frightened of a ballad.

Two years later and Shaving Peaches appeared. Another great album and I will always remember the kids jumping around on CD UK to the LBGT sensibilities of the magnificent, Josephine, my favourite Terrorvision song. A Mint Royale Mix of Tequila gave the band a whole new audience and graced the UK Charts Number 2 slot.

2000's Good To Go is an album that gets ignored unfairly. There's great variety in the songs, even though the Guitar is turned down. Fists Of Fury is a fine song. Then after a final Tour in 2001 during which the mini album, The First And The Last, was sold, that seemed to be that.

But the demand for the band's live performances continued and so we got them back periodically with Live albums to accompany tours. Then in 2011, a self financed new album appeared. Super Delux is a fantastic album,as anything with a song has good as Demolition Song on will be.

The band still tour and you can buy the new live album, Party Over Here, from the band's website here.  Back Catalogue wise, all the albums can be found for download etc at the usual places. CDs are easy to find on the likes of Discogs.

The main exception is Super Delux on CD which fetches a fortune now, but the download is available. Compilation wise, Essential Terrorvision is a 2 disc affair that you can pick up for less than a tenner. The main thing that I would advise though is to get to see them Live, you won't be disappointed.


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  1. Terror vision's "Tequila" also really stands out, even now. I often mix that it in to DJ sets at parties and at least half a dozen people come up and ask "Who is this????"