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Tuesday, 23 June 2020

It's Karma It's Cool - Woke Up In Hollywood

I first came across Jim Styring in his Popdogs days and I remember reviewing the EP and being delighted at Power Pop-ness of it all. Jim has moved on apace since then and It's Karma It's Cool are very different to those days, inventively so. They are a fine quartet.

There are also close to home reminders here. Guest appearances by Lannie Flowers, Rex Broome and Brian Barry, artwork by our own Mick Dillingham and the physical release on Ray's Kool Kat label would indicate that the album is something to be liked by IDHAS and indeed it is.

Woke Up In Hollywood is very much in Pop Rock Territory, splendidly so. Lyrically adept with clever verses coinciding with Big Choruses and some unexpected hooks. Styring's vocal still comes across as very Mental As Anything, particularly the way sentences are held on to and that is also welcome.

The title track is the best example of the lyrical strength, but there are plenty of other examples and there is more than enough variety here to keep all engrossed. The Girl Who Gave You Everything has a real Carnaby Street 60's feel while Healer's Leap is enhanced by a wonderful Big Stir Guitar solo from Rex Broome.

Ghosts Of Rome borders on jaunty Country and New Age Eve's verse has a real Ska feel, but still with a big chorus. Our Love Is An Amplifier is a great up and at 'em opener, essentially two parts with its false ending.

The stand out here though is Battle Of Burnt Out Bliss, a brooding epic and one of the finest songs that you will hear this year. Woke Up In Hollywood is a great listen, highly recommended to all who want to listen to something deeper than bop-shoo-wop.

You can listen to and buy the album here and the CD is available from Kool Kat here.


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