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Monday, 31 August 2020

Missing In Action

August has been quiet on I Don't Hear A Single, but it hasn't been quiet for I Don't Hear A Single. The month is usually a quiet time for releases and Festival heavy. So the plan was originally to do the second stage of the plans then. However Covid changed all that.

The first stage was put on hold because the world had stopped, rightly so and I still sense that it's starting again a bit too quickly. But it did make sense to start to get underway with things that could now be started. Gigs and Travel are gone, but distribution is getting nearer to normality and so that's were the efforts have been made.

You'll see the announcements as the month progresses, they are exciting but still limited. However, I feel that now is the time to get this place kicking again as the Reviews are backing up. So, from tomorrow, September will mean catching up. There'll be tons of reviews in the month, some may be a bit shorter or grouped, we'll see, but for now IDHAS will continue as normal, just with more stuff.

There'll be a new Audio Extravaganza this week and two great interviews are in progress. I'll also be returning properly to Social Media. I'm sure you've missed the rattling cages, although I'm still avoiding Forum Groups as I just got tired of the in fighting and nonsense. I'll keep you in suspense about the new developments, but promise to tell you all as soon as we are ready.

Until then, get your lugholes ready for some great albums from the new and under appreciated.


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