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Sunday 17 July 2022

Dave Cope - Killer Mods From Inner Space


I am a great admirer of Dave Cope, so much so that I am a Patreon member and this is how the album came to be released. Killer Mods From Inner Space was initially a Patreon recording and I've managed to persuade Dave to make it available on Bandcamp.

The album really does deserve a wider audience, as great as anything that has gone before in his career and nobody should be sitting his baby in a corner. It underlines that with or without The Sass, the man is a major talent.

Opening up with A Good Idea At The Time, a fine example of American 70s Pop Rock, the album ventures into multiple territories without ever losing sight of what Cope is best at. There is a real UK Glam Rock feel at times, particularly on She Don't Care About That and More.

In Circles is a mix of The Who and the better Psych Pop of the late 60s. Butterfly Heart goes Country and Fly Away Home is magnificently moody. Start is Piano Pop excellence evoking memories of 70s Lounge, very different to everything else on show.

Peeping Tom is a great slice Of Power Pop and Surprise Me channels Merseybeat or certainly UK Beat Pop. The closer Season Of Love calms the whole proceedings down with a calm gentle 70s Ballad. Killer Mods From Inner Space is Melodic Pop Rock at its very best.

You can listen to and buy the album here. I know we can't support every artist that deserves our attention, but the Dave Cope Patreon site is 3 dollars a month and offers up some great unreleased downloads. The link to that is here.


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