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Tuesday 12 July 2022

The Light Music Company - Housewives' Favourites


Something a bit different here involving someone we know very well. You could say it is an attempt to bring culture into our world of poptastic choruses. Alternatively you could equally say it is because we love Martin Newell.

Newell has teamed up with ex Dolly Mixture, Rachel Love to write and perform six instrumental pieces on Piano and Cello and what a pleasant surprise it is. The compositions are augmented with electric keyboard and field recordings and what a soothing listen they are.

What is also appealing is that all six instrumentals provide different thoughts. The Midwife Cycles Home is like a soundtrack to a European film, probably French. Ms B Goes Shopping For Shoes is a mix of Toytown Pastoral Psych Pop and the instrumental backing for a silent film.

Ghost Waltz is Parlour Room Baroque that ends with some distant vocal harmonies and Borchester Echoes is real click your fingers easy listening. Frinton-On-Sea is smoochy bossa nova with some splendid recordings of the sea thrown in. Not our usual listen, but nevertheless a triumph.

You can listen to and buy Housewives' Favourites here.


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