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Tuesday 22 November 2022

Scrambled Limbs - The Late Hour EP


After basking in all the reflected glory, I thought I'd better get back to the music. Truth is I've been busy with some non music stuff, but I would say that wouldn't I after all the acknowledgements. So this EP should set us off nicely. 

Leeds based multi instrumentalist, Sam Denney-Rodwell teams up with brother, Ben for this splendid EP which is released on 9 December. Scrambled Limbs inhabit a world between two Pop Genres, halfway between Dream and Psych.

Both are done incredibly well and would naturally suit somewhere like the much missed Active Listener. For an aging Psych Popper like myself, Dancing On Your Feet is a glorious six and a half minutes and I'm gonna ask Sam if I can include it on the next 10 Song Mix.

It really is a joyous affair, part Toybox, part Orgone Box with a wondrous Bass Line accompanying some ace 1967 drumming and a far out gentle mind adventure musically. The other three songs are just as good, but don't stretch out as much,

Something Stiff is the the only track available for listeners at the moment and is built around a fine Glasgow like Riff that even strangely reminds me of Dire Straits. Scheme Like Snakes is more wonderful laidback Psych Pop with a wonderfully arranged double vocal.

Human Shields is a little more Lennon-esque at times with a wonderful soundscape that just washes over you. Lyrically deep , The Late Hour really is an impressive affair, right up my street as I'm sure it will be yours too. You can pre-order the EP here. You can get the whole digital discography for a bargain £6.


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