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Friday, 4 November 2022

The Morning Line - Scene


November seems to be the focal point for the return of more than a few I Don't Hear A Single favourite artists, some after a fair gap. It seems a convenient moment to diss those who compile their Best Of Year lists in early November. I know some have print deadlines, but most magazines have an issue released in December.

Three years is the period since The Morning Line released the excellent North long player. The San Francisco quartet are sounding as great as ever with an album that edges more towards Classic Rock. This is a really strong set of songs from the pen of songwriter, Stephen Smith.

Smith's vocals have often frequented an area somewhere between Power Pop and Americana. Here there seems to be less Elvis Costello comparisons available, maybe a few more Tom Petty. His voice suits the material perfectly and the material allows the band to cross genres easily.

Scene marks a debut on the Red On Red label who are on quite a run at the moment which can only help The Morning Line get more of the attention that they deserve. The laid back West Country Rock feel certainly should appeal to many,

Looking Right At You has a splendid twang and Might Believe is built around a great Power Pop Riff that becomes an earworm on a song that is not a million miles away from AOR. End Of The Night, however, is classic Power Pop, 

This time round it is the slower numbers that grab you even more. Better is a cracking big Piano led Ballad and Back On Earth is wonderfully melancholic. Having said that the poptastic Junebugs In April is the stand out on a great selection of songs,

You can listen to and buy the album here or here. It is available on CD and as a download.


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