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Thursday 3 November 2022

Firework Delay


I'd planned to get some reviews up this evening, however Fireworks have stopped play. It is Guy Fawkes Night on Saturday and I've no problem with this long standing tradition. I would prefer to see organised displays. It isn't a great night for pets.

The problem here is that people let them off well before, usually kids, but tonight seems to be something more organised. We love lurchers and Bailey is nearly three and full of personality and fun. However, the breed are frightened of their own shadow in a Scooby Doo way.

So its impossible to get anything done tonight as all efforts are on calming Bailey down. This means staying under a table with him or sitting in the spare room whilst he goes under the bed. So the start of November for IDHAS will be tomorrow.

I will put up some reviews and the new IDHAS 10 Song Mix tomorrow as time allows around real life work. I realise Social Media is dominated by Bandcamp Friday tomorrow, so I won't announce any on Facebook etc until that is ending. 

November has some great albums to come including at least three that have been embargoed and there is some really exciting stuff to come at the end of the month to celebrate I Don't Hear A Single's one millionth hit. Back to dog duties!


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