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Thursday 19 October 2023

The Great Affairs - Sleepwalker


Hard to believe that The Great Affairs started out as an Americana vehicle. Now well into their second decade, they continue their mastery of Pop Rock. They aren't afraid to venture into Melodic Rock, AOR and even Hair Rock, but they are at their best when they are in Classic Pop Rock territory.

They rock off here with the Cheap Trick-ish When Love Is The Drug, but although I am a standard bearer for listening to albums, I always think it helps most to get people's attention when you have a killer single and fortunately The Great Affairs have one.

Fever Breaks is a wonderfully melodic song. A sort of Blue Collar jumping thing that just immediately grabs your attention. Strange Luv builds on a rip-roaring riff, a song that allows the band to demonstrate their harmonies across a Pop Rock cracker.

Run is superb 80s Rock with another top notch riff, a little, but not too much, AOR and a big Cheap Trick chorus. Way Past Sundown is pure Classic Rock and Getting' Outta Sight is a mix of AC DC vibe and instrumentally big touches of UK Glam Rock.

I'm not sure that the two ballads quite work, coming across as a little mawkish, but this is a real romp, a raucous joy. A little more Commercial Rock than we may be used to, but incredibly melodic. A great listen, beautifully performed and produced. Time to let your hair down.

You can listen to the album here.You can buy the album on vinyl here and the CD from Kool Kat here. The download is available from the likes of Amazon here and you can stream the album everywhere.


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