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Sunday 31 March 2024

31 Reviews In 31 Days


We are 4 Reviews short of the 31 and six were actually planned. Delays are for two reasons. A hectic real life work schedule due to Covid raising its ugly head and so extra hours have been needed there as cover. Secondly, this week has had a massive volume of submissions for next week's Listening To This Week.

I've chosen 24 for tomorrow's LTTW which are all top notch. But there seems to have been a common trend this week. So many submissions comparing themselves to King Gizzard or Oasis. I have no particular interest in either of those bands, quite the reverse. 

I love Prog and Psych, but the former are a particularly dull uninspiring version of the genres. The latter released one and a half decent albums and then a load of nothingness. Review wise, there will be a catch up over the next two days.


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