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Thursday 28 March 2024

Various - I Don't Hear A Single Audio Extravaganza Pre-Release Special 2

I didn't expect to be doing another of these for a while, but we had a number of pre-release songs that were more than worth getting out there. Initially the plan was for 10, but two haven't arrived on time, so we go with 8. All are excellent.

The Audio Extravaganza ended its run when Jim was busy in real life and we could no longer provide his audio expertise. It was replaced by the IDHAS 10 Song Mix. This Special therefore hasn't got that mastering expertise.

Below is the playlist and a link to the mix. There is also a direct link to play the mix at the end of the post. 

01 Caddy - Why Worry

I've loved Tom Dahl from the first time, I put that Sugarbush Vinyl album on. He fashions up great Power Pop time after time all the way from Norway. A drummer by trade, but you would never know that as his one man band performs. arranges and produces excellence.


02 Dave Cope - One Hell Of A Ride

I used to think of Philadelphia's Dave Cope as my guilty little secret. He's certainly not that these days. He's flirted with Country and Folk, but this is where I prefer him best. Splendid Pop Rock with hints of Psych. Catchy choruses and riffs, A new album< Hidden From The World will be released on 19 April, His Patreon is well worth joining.

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03 Aerial - Pixelated Youth

The return of Aerial is something to be celebrated. They don't make 'em that often, this being the third in 23 years. They emerged in that late 90s Scottish scene with a 2001 debut. The follow up, Why Don't They Teach Heartbreak At School was Goldmine's 2014 Album Of The Year and is an album that I continually play. Back with Duncan Cameron of Travis and Teenage Fanclub fame producing, this is essential Pop Rock of the highest order. I've been fortunate to have the album and I can tell you that Pixelated Youth only gives an inkling of how great the album is. Out on 5 April.

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04 Picture Box - Lennie Godber

I think many of you know of my love of Psych Pop and Canterbury's Picture Box are masters at it. But they mix it with a sort of sounds from your street vibe. Think The Kinks, Squeeze, Blur and even Half Man Half Biscuit lyrically. The Psych is very 60s, Toybox even, but the Guitar Pop is as good as anything around. I reviewed the album this week on IDHAS and I urge you to give it a go. 

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05 Society Of Rockets - The Other Side

I'm a little later than planned getting this out this week and so the new The Society Of Rockets new album, Tough Trip Through Paradise, album is out today. The veterans have lost none of their strengths. This is great Pop Rock that crosses genres with big hints of Jangle Pop and Psych Pop all wrapped up in great choruses and big riffs. They also do gentle just as effectively. This is probably my favourite album of the year thus far. 

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06 Extra Arms - I Don’t Wanna Surrender

I've been with Ryan Allen since his solo days with the Michigan posse. His expansion into the group format has been a revelation. The quartet specialise in a heavier type of Power Pop, at times Garage Rock or Indie Rock. It is certainly up and at 'em, particularly awesome live and that almost Live In The Studio feel is an essential part of what they are great at.

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07 The Sabs - Cloudy Day

The Sabs may be a UK band, but they are particularly unknown to me. This is the only thing that I've heard so far. It sounds very Thomas Walsh at times, wonderfully so and they are certainly ones to watch. I will certainly be keeping a keen eye out.


08 The Orange Peels - Second Sleep

I've been with the Orange Peels for so long now that they must feel as old as I. Primarily Psych Pop, but not this time. The trio have always threatened full on electronic, but this loses none of their trademark inventiveness. Second Sleep is totally hypnotic and mesmerising and I can't wait for the album. Whatever direction that they have taken has never ever disappointed me.

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I Don't Hear A Single Audio Extravaganza Special


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