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Monday 25 March 2024

Paul Collins - Stand Back And Take A Good Look


This is classic New Wave Power Pop and Paul Collins is a master at it. It was a scene that I was heavily involved in. I sort of left it behind, not because of the music or the artists, quite the reverse. It was a large section of fans who were sycophantic to the long established and took every opportunity to diss the new.

I just got tired of it all and moved to a world of the completely new and IDHAS successfully moved away to a more Indie following, much more engaged and largely a generation below where I was. But as I said, it was never ever about the artists.

Looking back at the genre now from a different angle, I can still recognise the joy of the genre and the mightiness of Paul Collins, a giant in the field and here he demonstrates his storytelling strength honed through years of seminal outfits like The Nerves and The Beat.

He is also aided by guest appearances from fellow luminaries such as Shoes, 20/20 and Dwight Twilley. His vocal has mellowed a little, but that perfectly suits the material and he also demonstrates his ability to step away from the Power Pop Template.

How Will I Know has a wonderful gentle twang and You Can't Go Back has a real Americana and Rock and Roll vibe that is a great listen. The arrangement on That's When I Think Of You is top notch, particularly the Guitar work. One Hill And I'm Home goes full on Country Troubadour.

There's even some great 12 bar and Barrel Piano On Westbound. The album does feel less Power Pop than past glories, more Pop Rock. But songs such as the title track and I'm The Only One For You are classic Paul Collins. The album is a great listen and reveals that there is far more to the man than just Power Pop.

You can buy the album in all formats everywhere. You can listen to the full album here.


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