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Wednesday 13 March 2024

Brent Seavers - Exhibit B


The Decibels' Brent Seavers ventures out on his second solo album just three years after his debut, BS Stands For and it is a cracker. The multi instrumentalist masters Guitar Pop from the late 50s up until the present day.

Although he is more than comfortable moving around the dial, it is New Wave Power Pop that he excels, although the diversions are maybe even more interesting. Surrounded by a melody overload and great riffs, his gentle-ish vocal suits the material perfectly and what a selection of material it is. 

From the straight ahead Power Pop of Roller Coaster Ride to the 60s Beat led Psych Pop of Fuzz Off, there is not a duff song in sight. The UK New Wave stand out is the magnificent The Noble Cause, all 1978 with a Steve Nieve like Organ rounding things off.

It could be Nieve again on The Universe And I and the pair of songs sitting together form a great central point to the album and probably mark the album's high point. Both are built around top notch riffs, big choruses and add a fine solo.

Push Me Down is great 60s UK Beat, yet Evolves is great Mod Pop. Of Poetry is more the 90s second wave of 90s Power Pop, but Her could come from one of the great Pop Rock albums of the 70s. Till It's Over is a really jaunty all together now affair with a killer solo.

Lullaby is prime time Merseybeat and even late 50s at times and Stumbling could be Squeeze. I can't help thinking of Latter day The Jam listening to the closer, Raining In My Head. Great Pop Rock isn't that easy to find nowadays, this is that and more. Wonderful!

You can listen to and buy the album here. The CD is on the Kool Kat label and can be bought here


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