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Sunday 24 March 2024

Listening To This Week Playlist

After the quieter week last time, we have a massive 31 songs for you. The offerings have been flooding in. I did think of splitting them into two parts, but thought that would confuse listeners and so the new LTTW is up a little earlier than usual.

There is no song preference in track order, just what we think flows.  I do hope that you can listen to all the songs across this week. The last listed is as great as the first and you have all week to listen. This weekly playlist is solely for submissions, not the usual stuff that we dig out ourselves.

All embeds open in new windows to aid scrolling. Links to the artists will also appear on I Don't Hear A Single Social Media sites over the next 24 hours. This will help you to discover more about the artists who appear here. Thank you for supporting the new music from Indie artists.

The Dirty Nil - Am I The Menace?

Charming To The Last - They Walk Among Us!

The Cle Elum - I Am A Robot (feat. Matthew Caws) (Radio Edit)

S.J. Armstrong - Orange And Gray

You Filthy Dog - Mind Twins

The Eargoggle - Write A Song

Mavis - Lonely Show

Ollie Lloyd - Rhubarb Hill

Velociraptor - Computer Future Part 1

William J Locker - Baby Likes To Rock And Roll

unsafe! - Paranoid

elephants and castles - 125

YANG - Madison (Oakland)

B. Hamilton - Hey Sunshine 

The Vaniers - Charlie

Limbonauts  Come 2 Where U R

First Day Of Spring - Operation

Lunde - Deja Vu

Janus 4-14 - RedRum

The Fourth Wall - No Daggers

The Bogmen - In My Kingdom

Safer Dead - Egotistic Love

Carrabelle - Let Me In

Cat Cork - Disappear

Marloes Van Asselt - Going To New York

Portside Dive - Stare Into The Water

Jamie Turner - Ordinary Song

gopublic - The Great Revelation

The Velvet Fuzz - What's On Your Mind?

Luke Meyn - When It's Over

Jay Valeyo With Ethan Nox - WHERE WOULD WE BE NOW


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