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Monday 25 March 2024

Savak - Flavors Of Paradise


Brooklyn's Savak have built up a collection of Genre labels across their previous five albums. I suppose Post Punk is the one you see most and many people seem to want them to be The Fall 2.0 which I'm not sure that ever have been.

These sixth album from the Trio is confuse the scribes even more, because it is even more varied than what has gone before if that was possible. They major on being Angular, but that jaggedness takes them in all directions and having two vocalists helps those adventures even more.

They appeal to me most because they are equally at home with intelligent Indie with the likes of Psych Pop which puts them right in my listening spotlight. Flavors Of Paradise is a wonderfully inventive affair that can be as straight ahead or complicated as you wish.

Living Will is great 80s Indie miserabalism, yet Paid Disappearance is top notch UK Late 70s New Wave and Let The Sunlight In is Psych Pop. What Is It Worth instrumentally gets close to The Len Price Three adding a lovely Jangle.

It Happen To You is all Noo Yawk attitude, yet Will Get Fooled Again is incredibly IRS. Only Attribution gets close to Post Punk. But the ability of the trio is best explained by Leash Biter. It may not be the best song here, but is a demonstration of what a great Trio they are instrumentally with its in your face riffs and  the wonderful locked rhythm section.

Save are a very unusual band in they can appeal in so many directions. Lyrically adept, arrangements that are unusual and the ability to be incredibly melodic, but also able to appeal to those that like their music a little left of the norm. Flavors Of Paradise is absolutely splendid.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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