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Friday 22 March 2024

The Supernaturals - Second Thoughts (Collected Recordings 1999 - 2002)


My love of The Supernaturals knows no bounds as you can probably tell by how often they are on here. They've even had the Mick Dillingham treatment in one of my favourite interviews here. They lit up a particularly dour back end of Brit Pop.

But did you know that in between the jaunty pop of 1998's A Tune A Day and 2002's moody Paul Heaton-esque What We Did Last Summer that there was a lost album and here are the candidates for inclusion? Me neither! So what an exciting release this is.

A few things jump out. James McColl has lost none of his wit, taking on a cynical take on the banal and everyday, witness Richard And Judyincluding the Brass Refrain.  Secondly, his chops are as great as ever, checkout the soulful ballad that is How Do You Stop Loving Someone? 

The bemusement of relationships is still present, particularly on She's A Robot which sort of out Heaton's Paul Heaton. She's The One is prime time Supernaturals, but also has a chorus that intimates what is to follow in 2002. 

Golf is great Indie Alt Pop, but it is the slower songs that impress you must. That is where the real melody impresses most. Whether these songs are Guitar or Piano led, they are incredibly catchy and beautifully arranged. There is a gentleness, but also a yearning to sing along. 

Grooving In The Sunshine even bridges both the sandwiched official release and even that turns into harmonic pop gold. As lyrical adept as ever and with a vocal than can sooth monsters, this is a wonderful set of 12 songs, as good as anything around. This has made my year musically thus far,

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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