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Friday, 7 October 2016

Motel Beds - Mind Glitter

I've been a fan of Dayton Ohio's Motel Beds since the splendid Feelings album and it's cracking opener, Mr. Salad Days. Incidentally, you can download that album for free here and I suggest you do.

Glitter came out this time last year and as I wasn't in Public View, Blog wise, then, I think it's fair to extol it's virtues now.

We all have those bands that we think should be bigger. I call them people's XTC's. Bands that you just cannot understand why the whole world doesn't adore them. Motel Beds are mine.

Great Pop, loads of variation. Beach Boys harmonies ? Here's Queen For The Summer. Creation Indie Pop? Here's Open Ocean. Brit Pop Rebellion ? Here's A.O.O. Glam with a Steely Dan Rhythm Track? Here's the title track.

Thirst Veterans sounds like something Gregg Alexander would write, you can imagine it on the New Radicals album. 4AM is prime time Jellyfish. Paper Trees is late 60's San Francisco harmony. Live City is Guided By Voices.

The problem may be that Motel Beds are just too versatile. I love variety on albums and each of these 11 songs could be a different band. The whole album is a fine fine listen and worth opening that wallet for.

My personal favourite is Queen For The Summer, but I know everyone will have a different favourite. It's that good an album.  If you root around the band's Bandcamp site, there are free downloads of  earlier great stuff. You can listen to and buy Mind Glitter here. You won't regret it.

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