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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Fake Palms - Heavy Paranoid EP

Toronto's Fake Palms come with excellent Noise Pop recommendations. To be honest, there appears little of that here except for the paint stripping last few minutes of Snowblind which is Noise Pop at it's best.

What you do have is some of the best Psych I have heard this year, melodic, intriguing and yet baffling, it's wonderful. When the band hits a groove they hammer it and it's bewitching stuff.

From the shoegazing of Collar Bone to the dreamy Psych Pop of Holiday, this is a band that can hook you. They are best though is when the EP gets well and truly into Psych, they excel on Curtains and Frequencies.

This 5 Track EP is just an indicator of what is to come. They seem prolific as three more EP's are due in the coming weeks. If these upcoming releases are half as good as this, we are in for a right treat.

You can listen to and buy the EP here. You can also pre-order the EP's that are to come.

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