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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Skinny Lister - The Devil The Heart And The Fight

Skinny Lister are virtually inventing a genre themselves, Folk Punk or certainly New Wave Folk. If this is the future of Folk, then sign me up. The Six Piece are coming to the end of a sell out UK Tour and then it's onwards to the States and you Yanks are in for a treat.

The opener is like The Clash with Fiddles. A great rollicking singalong.

Geordie Lad doesn't let up, it's got a killer guitar riff, almost Power Pop. Tragedy In A Minor is reminiscent of The Fratellis. There will be comparisons with The Pogues, particularly on Injuries, but Skinny Lister are for more melodic pop led.

The folk isn't forgotten though, especially when Lorna Thomas gets involved in the vocals, note the charm of the ballad, Reunion and Devil In Me.

Beat It From The Chest could revitalise the Pub singalong and the days when people actually talked to one another. A few pints and a good old terrace sing song. Hamburg Drunk reminds me of Kirsty MacColl, Charlie could be Elvis Costello, Fair Winds And Following Seas could be Dexys.

The anthemic closer, Carry is almost Runrig. You can gather by the comparisons here that there's great variety on The Devil The Heart And The Fight. It's a grand old stomper of an album and you can imagine them live and what a joy that would be. I'm a bit pissed off that I've missed my chance on this tour.

You can buy the album all over the place, full details are on the band's website here. You can also find details of the US Tour and I'd urge you Stateside people to get out and see them.

What a corking album this is!

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