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Friday, 6 September 2019

Crash Valentine : The Power Pop Dog

I'll be back in action over the weekend, we are getting over the loss of Crash. He was well into his 15th year and had a led a great life, much longer than expected for a Lurcher, but his death was a complete surprise.

What started as a joke led to a mini phenomenon with artists asking for their album to be in a photo with him. It led to Magazine Features and articles on him and even review requests addressed to him. So many messages to me included a "How's Crash?" I wouldn't normally post this tribute so publicly, but there's been such a mass of comments on Facebook since his passing.

This was his last photo taken in his Promo role. Rest In Peace you lovely boy!


  1. Sorry to hear. Rest in peace, Crash...

  2. My condolences Don...when they say pets are family members, it's so true!