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Thursday 22 April 2021

Cheap Trick - In Another World


I know that Cheap Trick are neither new or under appreciated and I gave a lot of my thoughts on the band on the review of 2017's We're All Alright! You can read that review here. So you can catch up on my opinion by reading that review. Nothing really has changed. 

I still don't return to those albums from the past two decades much with the exception of We're All Alright and I still love Woke Up With A Monster from the 90's, There is however an undying loyalty to the band that's lasted 44 years since I bought In Color as a 14 year old. I'll buy every album they ever release due to the effect that they had on this 14 year old. 

I do however, as I do with all my fanboy artists, have a balanced view. Those 00 and 10's albums do get a bad rep. probably unfairly, but I hold Cheap Trick to a much higher standard and their worst is better than a lot of others best. 

I also don't prescribe to the view that if The Beatles were still around they would be Cheap Trick. CT rely on one writer, Rick Nielsen. The Beatles had three varied songwriters. Maybe that comparison could be made with Lennon, although not if was serving up the mawkish Double Fantasy stuff. 

With the strength of We're All Alright, I approached In Another World with a little trepidation, leaving it a few days until I listened to the album and then a few listens before giving an opinion. I'm delighted to tell you that I needn't have worried, if anything this sounds even better. It is a corking listen.

There are a couple of clunkers and although I know that the band love a cover, I have become so tired of hearing the continued flood of versions of Beatles related songs. I mean what can you add to Gimme Some Truth? But 10 out of 13 ace songs is a more than a high hit rate.

There are two versions of Another World, both very different and it is really difficult to choose which is best. The later fast version is typical rocked up Cheap Trick and is tip top, but the slower version is simply wonderful and may be the best track on the album if it were not for the second song on the album.

Quit Waking Me Up is all jolly sing along Brit Pop, a real earworm and everything else here is made even better with its inclusion. The band's best song in ages. It will certainly open up the next Volume of the IDHAS Audio Extravaganza if we ever get round to it with all that is going on here.

The Summer Looks Good On You is a fantastic single, but could maybe have been held back until the Summer is here. Final Days is a Bluesy joy and Robin Zander belts out Light Up The Fire as only Zander can. Here's Looking At You casts more than a glance at those 80's Cheap Trick nuggets.

It is wonderful hearing Zander's voice in such fine form plus Nielsen's song writing seems to be back at the highest level. Also best wishes to Tom Petersson after his recent heart problems. For a band that approaches 50 years together, In Another World is as urgent and relevant as any Pop Rock Guitar band around. Highly Recommended!

You can listen to this album on You Tube here and buy it everywhere. You really should!


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