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Friday, 16 April 2021

The Blips - The Blips


The Blips are a five piece from Birmingham Alabama and they offer a more than welcoming loose brand of Guitar Rock. It is the kind of thing that you used to hear regularly, but seemed to fade away in a blizzard of second division mediocrity.

Done properly and cleverly, rather than heads down, this brand of Garage Rock works as well as anything around and I'd add that it is great to have it back when it is as good as this. It is the type of album that the Rumbar label threatens to release, yet never does.

The band rely on melodic riffs and big choruses and the variety is aided by all five of them taking on vocals. This offers alternative takes on what could be slightly similar material, plus there is a swagger that you wouldn't necessarily expect on a debut album.

The Blips remind me of a down and dirtier version of The Speedways. They are a lot noisier, but have just as many hooks and the production is absolutely top notch, something you can't say that often about Indie Guitar albums.

There is a splendid Noo Yawk feel at times which is most prevalent on Throw Me Around and Out To Sea. Inside Out has a slightly Black Crowes feel in the riff, Yes Yes No Yes Yes No is like a humorous version of The Strokes if that is ever possible.

The album is at its best when the melody shines through. Walking Home, in particular has single written all over it. Respect is also due to the closer One And Done, a splendid meandering joy built on 12 bars. The Blips have fashioned a crackerjack of an album and I can only imagine how good they will be live because the material is most suited to that setting.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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