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Monday, 20 June 2022

Mixcloud Global Indie Pop Chart

I consider myself to be an album reviewer of the new and under appreciated. One of the reasons for our name was because we don't really deal in single songs. Our only nod towards them is the Mixcloud uploads. So it has been a real surprise that the past week or two has found IDHAS dominated by the attention of the Mixcloud Mixes.

Even more surprising is that we used to do a longer professional mix with the Audio Extravaganza, whereas the 10 Song Mix is more rough and ready and compiled very quickly containing the ten favourite songs of the week.

I've also wondered why we always get in the Indie Rock chart, when if anything the mixes are more Pop Rock and tend to favour Pop more than Rock. So this week, I am delighted that Volume 30 has hit the Top 20 of the Mixcloud Global Indie Pop Chart. 

That Indie Rock effect is still around, the mix is currently No 32 in that chart as well as being at No 50 in the Indie Chart. Thank you to all you listeners and I really hope that it makes you go to find out more about the artists included.

Here is the playlist of the ten songs this week :

01 Starter Jackets - Just Want Out

02 Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS - Night at Zuska's

03 Emperor Penguin - Sputnik Sweetheart

04 Dave Scarbrough - As Far As I Know

05 Spygenius - All That Is Solid Melts Into Air

06 Cardboard Boxer - Going Nowhere

07 Holy Coves - Grey

08 Rogers & Butler - Brighter Day

09 Ball Park Music - Right Now

10 The Sylvia Platters - Blue Juniper

IDHAS Ten Songs Mix 30


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