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Sunday, 12 June 2022

The Special Pillow - Mind Wipe


I rarely mention releases on IDHAS that are yet to be released. I'm a reviewer, not a PR person and with having albums to review up to 3 months before release, you can go too early and potential buyers have forgotten about them when the big day arrives.

Mind Wipe will be reviewed nearer to its 12 August release date, but I have been so taken with the six track mini album since Mike from the excellent Crash Through Publicity sent it to me. Now that the title track has been released, you have something to listen to and I can give you a heads up.

The New Jersey quartet specialise in the type of Indie Jangle Pop that is beloved on I Don't Hear A Single, but they add in wonderful diversions from the kooky to the way out weird. Mind Wipe is a splendid journey through inventive pop. When they venture into Psych Pop, it is magnificent.

Mind Wipe here is a little like B52's fronting a Jangle Pop band. I'll leave most of what I want to say to the review, but I will state that you will be blown away when you get to hear the nigh on 7 minutes of So Inclined, it is simply jaw dropping. 


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