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Wednesday 29 November 2017

Third of Never - Austerity

New Jersey quartet Third Of Never offer up album Number three and it Rocks and then some. In fact from start to finish, it doesn't come up for air. The band are joined by John "Rabbit" Bundrick on keyboards to enhance the Classic Rock credentials.

There's very a much a feel throughout of The Who, Big Chords, Driving Rhythm and manic drumming. The live shows leading up to this seem to have given a more organised feel to the recording that wasn't always there on previous albums.

Austerity comes in at just under 30 minutes after which you are revved up enough to get off the couch and head off to smash the state. Even though Shanty Town, the closer, slows things down, it's what has gone before that hits home most.

It's not all Who reminders, Dig The View could be a rocked up Pugwash and 506 is wonderful, the sort of song Cheap Trick should write and don't much now. You'll have heard the title track previously on the radio show and mid album it sounds great. All riff and Psych Pop.

Mellow and sparseness seem to be the new norm and that's why you need this album. Austerity will blow of the cobwebs and realise that music should also make you move. A fine album that is highly recommended and will appeal to many.

You can listen to the album here. You can buy the album here and it's available at the usual places.

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