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Friday, 5 February 2021

I Don't Hear A Single Book Reviews


In four and a half years of I Don't Hear A Single, I'd never been asked if I review Books, yet over the past few weeks I've been asked the question on four occasions and so I thought why not? I do read a fair bit, not as much as the female half of the dynamic duo, but more than enough.

I largely read History and Music stuff and for here, it would obviously be Music, Fiction or Non Fiction. I wouldn't want to move the emphasis away too much from what IDHAS does which is Album Reviews, but my Bumper Book Of Proverbs tells me a change is as good as doing the same thing, I think.

So we'll try one per month. If the interest is greater, I can extend it to more and if there is any month without a submission, I'll re-read or cover one of my own purchases. I'm happy to receive ebook or physical copies. If ebook is the format, pdf is preferred as the format is easily readable device to device. 

I already have the first submitted, so we'll call that a delayed January Review and try and get two done this month. I get all the Music Magazines, but have to say bar a few exceptions, must are really dull these days. You'd think new music doesn't exist. 


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