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Monday 30 October 2017

Chris Church - Limitations Of Source Tape

John Borack rightly recently compared Chris Church to Matthew Sweet. The difference this year is that Limitations Of Source Tape is better than Sweet's recent Together Forever. That's not decrying the Matthew Sweet album, it was fine, just a little too much of the same, this album is far more enjoyable.

The album is a varied selection underlining why he's so highly rated in the Power Pop World. The CD Release show featured guest appearances from Lannie Flowers, Bill Lloyd and The Pengwins which shows what exalted company he is in.

The beauty of Chris Church is that there is an energy that flows through his songs. Whether they are slowed down or move apace, there's never a disappointment. Fall Into Me and Something Completely bear classic Matthew Sweet comparisons but the trippy Psych Pop of Ostinato has hints of Michael Stipe.

Understudy Blues is also reminiscent of those IRS Glory Days, I Can Feel is wonderfully moody, Perfecto could be The Jayhawks. Saving the best until last, Better The Devil You Know is a crackerjack of a song, a little Del Amitri, it's an absolute smasher.

Limitations Of Source Tape is a really beautifully crafted affair, unexpected chord changes, songs that break out, songs that slow down, a great listen. There's been some fine albums this year, this is another. If not the best album thus far, then certainly one of them.

You can listen to sound samples and then buy the album on Amazon here or Kool Kat have the physical version here. It should at the very least be on your Christmas list.

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