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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The Young Hearts - Honestly I'm Just Thinking EP

The Young Hearts kill two birds with one stone here at IDHAS. I'm always bemoaning how few UK Power Pop bands are breaking through. I'm also dismayed at how many people lump new bands with Alt Rock, EMO or Pop Punk.

Kent's The Young Hearts fashion up their second EP and it's full of Power Pop goodness. If Bloom was released by Butch Walker, Power Pop fans would be wetting themselves. Smoke compares with anything the likes of a grown up Busted or McFly would muster.

This EP compares favourably with anything coming out of the States at present. If there's a comparison, they remind me a lot of vintage Downtown Fiction or Everybody Else. This is great chorus driven guitar pop and should be appealing to a much older market.

The closer, October is brooding and hints at what more can be achieved in the future, it's like a popped up Muse. Honestly I'm Just Thinking is a great listen and I'm delighted to discover this lot. I look forward to what's coming up in the future.

The 4 Track EP can be bought as a download at all the usual places. The Physical version has a limited run here. It's well worth the effort, I expect to hear far more of this lot.

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  1. Hey Don thanks for sharing as always...enjoyed this! Reminiscent of Gaslight Anthem...but then again not!