Monday, 2 October 2017

The Heartache State - Last Of The Buffalo

I listen to a fair few Australian bands, most of them Indie Guitar or more relevantly, Power Pop. Melbourne's The Heartache State are nothing like those bands, you'd be hard pressed to get the Oz link, this is prime time classic riff rock.

Very much in Exile On Main Street territory, but without the whininess say of a Primal Scream. Hints of Tom Petty, Southern Rock and most relevantly Black Crowes. Last Of The Buffalo gives that recorded in the studio feel, but not in a bad way. The riffs sound like mini jams, but hook you and there are some real gems present.

Honey Slide is a corker of a song, all loose and hooks, Swallow All Your Pride is almost like a riffed up Replacements. Calm Me Down could be Jeff Tweedy leading an early version of The Eagles. The band are best when they rock and the slower songs don't always work, but this is a really accomplished album. Great at what it does and well worth investigating.

You can buy the album or listen to it at the links shown here.

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