Monday, 30 October 2017

The Saints Of Second Chances - For Everyone

The Saints Of Second Chances are a five piece hailing from Austin Texas. They've fashioned up a crackerjack of an album that mixes everything from Classic Rock to Power Pop to American Glam Metal.

Steve Weisburd's vocals lend their self more to those harder moments, but Too Soon To Tell is such fine Classic Rock song, all chorus and rock riffs, that the album is worth the admission for this alone. You may have heard it on last week's radio show.

Bitter End could be The Cult, Running Away is almost melodic metal with an Alex Lifeson like Moving Pictures chime. Move Along is Glam Metal. Long Way Home starts with a Tie Your Mother Down riff and almost becomes Slade.

Room For Everyone is classic Pop Rock, all Pilot or Jigsaw like, even classic Sweet with the high pitched voices. Gone reminds me a lot of Mr Big, the UK ones, not the big haired Yanks. The two You Tube examples here show that the band can do great Pop Rock. Turn Around is a cross between Liverpool Express And The Motors. Running Away is built around a killer riff.

The Saints Of Second Chances cover all the bases and there's a lot of music in these 14 songs. Probably best when they rock, they are a great addition to the IDHAS archives. You can but the album at CD Baby here and at other establishments.


  1. Thanks for sharing...really like "Turn Around" Power cords with rhythm!

  2. Thanks for the kind words.
    Let us know when you are in Austin!