Monday, 27 January 2020

I Don't Hear A Single Audio Extravaganza Volume 90

We reach Number 90 in the world of Audio Extravaganzas. 21 splendid songs to show those that say there is no great new music around how wrong they are. They can sit there with Raspberries blaring out (again), learning nothing.

A reminder that these episodes are compiled with great care. The aim is to produce a sort of mix tape. Hopefully this will be the soundtrack to your day. I've also learned that if you use the mixcloud player at the bottom of this page, each song title is shown as it plays.

Thanks as always to Jim Moody for his technical excellence. You can listen to the previous IDHAS Audio Extravaganzas on Mixcloud here.

Here's Volume 90's playlist.

01 City Maze - I'm The One
02 Local Drags - Pins
03 The Industry - Limbo
04 Gal Gun - Beauty Community
05 Nada Surf - Live Learn And Forget
06 Willie Wisely - Cut Your Groove
07 Jeff Whalen - Ground Game For Worm
08 Creem Circus - Automatic Style
09 Pea Green Boat - Cook Robotic Chef
10 Beach Slang - Let It Ride
11 Kiwi Jr - Leslie
12 Ex Norwegian - Buffalo Billycan
13 Alexandra Savior - Saving Grace
14 Michael Shuler - Nevergirl
15 Clive Gregson - April Turnaround
16 Basic Plumbing - As You Disappear
17 Neutral Snap - Bed Sweats
18 Rob Martinez - Seems Like Only Yesterday
19 Surface To Air Missive - Easy Way
20 Øyvind Holm - After The Bees
21 The Society Of Rockets - Witch Trials Revisited

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